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Curves® provide an instant Breast Boost Without Implants™. Each set of Curves includes a right & left side. The thickest section is the bottom edge of the Curves and follows the contour of your under-wire bra. The short flat edge fits nearest your arm.
No two women are shaped exactly alike, so it is best to experiment to find your optimum fit. Here are two suggestions:
• To improve your shape and give you overall fullness, place Curves directly over your breasts with the nipple positioned over your own nipple and the curved edge following the contour of the bottom edge of your bra cup. The short flat edge should be nearest your arm.
• For enhanced cleavage, move Curves lower and angle diagonally, following the outer curve of your bra cup. Lift your breast to rest on the inner ledge of the Curves. This enables you to obtain natural looking cleavage while compensating for the outside part of the breast that is moved up and together.

Curves are available in 4 sizes: Demi, Small, Medium and Large. The Small size increases you by about ½ bra cup size; Medium by about 1 cup. Due to customer demand, we have improved our Large size Curves to make them fuller: a full 1½ cup total (every breast is different, so this is approximate). The Demi size is for smaller-framed women and has a smaller width and diameter. Demi is similar in size and volume to the Small size. All women’s breast sizes and shapes are different, so your results may vary. With Curves you may experience either a subtle or dramatic change in your bust line. We encourage you to experiment with Curves in different positions in your bra to achieve the optimal fullness and cleavage.

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